Berkshire Pre-Cut Mat Solutions
Berkshire offers a wide range of very high quality pre-cut mats in the full range of
Berkshire matboard colors for our wall décor manufacturers and their high
volume needs.

Call us today to find out the infinite possibilities that exist with creating pre cut mats
that truly showcase your artwork!

Custom Imprinting & Embossing
Berkshire will custom imprint with your artwork to create a highly decorative and unique mat that will fit any project. Or, try our embossed mats to create a whole new look with added depth and creativity!
Custom Imprinting & Embossing

Plus, let us know if your project requires any packaging needs! Our automated equipment can bag, shrink wrap, label and insure that your pre-cut mat comes to you exactly as specified.
Basic pre-cut terminology:
Single Mat: Single bevel cut
Double Mat: Two bevel cut mats stacked on top of each other.
The top mat is cut larger to let the bottom mat show through as an accent color.
Collage Mats: Single bevel cut mats with multiple openings
Custom Mats: Custom cut to include various shapes and sizes
V-Groove Mats: Specialty cut which creates a dynamic visual and pattern to the top mat, exposing part of the core to generate additional focus or accent to your artwork
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